Toyota Vios Tyre Price & Tyre Size – Michelin, Goodyear, Continental CC6

Toyota vios tyre price list

Info About Toyota Vios Tyre Price

The car tyre shop is preparing the list about Toyota Vios tyre price and tyre size for Vios owner. Hence, the Vios owner who plan to change tyre can refer the Toyota Vios tyre price to do tyre selection. Literally, the car tyre shop is supplying the following tyre for Toyota Vios:

  • Michelin PS3 Tyre
  • Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2 Tyre
  • Continental CC6 Tyre

** Other than the tyre as above, car tyre shop also offer Falken, Dunlop or Bridgestone tyre for Vios.

As a reference info, Toyota Vios is a very practical and durable segment B sedan car in Malaysia. This is because Toyota has successful made a Vios which can fulfill the requirement of Malaysia user and road surface. Hence, there are a lot Vios owner and user driving the Toyota Vios as daily drive car. Thus, there are a lot of Toyota Vios on the road. In other words, the demand for tyre the change service is high among the Toyota Vios owners. This is because Vios is a high frequent usage daily drive car. Hence, the tyre usage will be higher and become thin much faster. So, the car tyre shop is providing very practical tyre selection list and good tyre change service for Toyota Vios. Furthermore, the Toyota owner can refer the tyre price and tyre size list to select the tyre which is suitable.

Toyota Vios Tyre Size and Tyre Price

As a reference info, Vios owner and car tyre shop will select the tyre base on the rim size of Toyota Vios. Commonly, most of the 1st generation Toyota Vios is coming with a 14 inch rim. Thus, 1st generation Toyota Vios including the facelift edition is good to use 14 inch tyre. While 2nd generation Toyota Vios will has either 14inch or 15inch rim. Hence, the 2nd generation Vios owner will select the car tyre by referring the rim size. Besides, higher spec 2nd generation Toyota Vios will have 16 inch rim. So, certain 2nd Toyota Vios is good to use 16 inch tyre. As a result, the car tyre shop is preparing Toyota Vios tyre price list which is including 14inch, 15inch, and 16inch tyre selection.

As an additional info, different tyre diameter will has several tyre code or width and thickness combination. Generally, 1st and 2nd generation Toyota Vios is good to refer the tyre code and tyre size as below:

14, 15 and 16 Inch Tyre Size And Toyota Vios Tyre Price Reference Info: Please Whatsapp 011 1668 2800

How To Select Toyota Vios Tyre Size Or Refer Tyre Code And Rim Size?

Firstly, Vios owner and car tyre shop can refer the tyre code and tyre base on the Toyota Vios specification. This is because each generation and model of Vios will have its own specification info. From the specification datasheet, Toyota will list the tyre code and info about the rim as a reference.

Secondly, the car owner and tyre shop can check the tyre code from the current tyre wall. This is because the tyre manufacturer will state the tyre code on the tyre wall. As a reference info, the tyre code will include the following info:

  • Width
  • Aspect ratio
  • Diameter

For example,  185/60R15 tyre code will state the following info:

  • Width: 185mm
  • Aspect ratio: 60
  • Diameter: 15 Inch

On the other hand, the tyre shop will also offer the service to match the rim with the tyre which has other tyre code. This is because some rim will able to fit with the car tyre which has different width and aspect ratio.

Pairing Tyre With Aftermarket Alloy Rim

The car tyre shop is providing the service to help Toyota Vios owner to pair the tyre with aftermarket rim. Generally, some Vios owner will upgrade their Toyota Vios handling by using aftermarket alloy rim. For example, some Toyota Vios will has wider and bigger alloy rim. As a reference info, Enkei is supplying very nice and beautiful alloy rim which is able to match Toyota Vios nicely.

When Toyota Vios has alloy rim, the Vios may need new tyre with different tyre code when compare to stock rim. Thus, the car tyre shop is offering the solution to select a good tyre to match with the new alloy rim. Commonly, most of the aftermarket alloy rim is having reference info about recommended tyre code. On the other hand, tyre shop is having the experience to match the alloy rim with the tyre which can fulfill the requirement of the Vios owner. Additionally, the tyre shop will also list a Toyota Vios tyre price list which is suitable for the new rim as a reference info.

Servis In The Car Tyre Shop

Toyota Vios owner will get very good and professional servis in the car tyre shop. Generally, the mechanic of the car tyre shop will has a lot of experience to solve Vios tyre problem. Additionally, the mechanic will has the experience and skill to provide practical solution for Toyota Vios. As a reference info, the following is the services of the car tyre shop.

  • Reviewing and checking tyre condition
  • Tyre change service for Toyota Vios
  • Providing tyre selection and price list for Toyota Vios
  • Alignment Service
  • Wheel balancing service
  • Toyota Vios Absorber condition check
  • Repair or Install Absorber
  • Brake pad condition check brake pad replacement service
  • Supply and install aftermarket alloy rim ( Enkei, OZ Racing, BBS Rim )
Toyota Vios Tyre Shop

Vios Tyre Selection

Nowadays, Toyota Vios has a lot of tyre selection. This is because most of the tyre manufacturers are making very nice tyre which is suitable to match with Vios stock rim. Hence, Vios owner will has a lot of tyre selection to match with the rim, budget and requirement. Generally, the following are popular tyre selection for Toyota Vios.

  • Continental CC6 Tyre
  • Michelin PS3 Tyre
  • Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2 Tyre

Additionally, Toyota Vios owner can also select the car tyre which is made by Falken or Bridgestone. This is because Falken and Bridgestone has very nice tyre to fit with the rim of Vios. In short, Toyota has given the stock rim for Vios which will has a lot of tyre options from different tyre manufacturers. As a result, Toyota Vios owner can select their desired tyre base on the tyre price, brand, specification.

Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Tyre

In the car tyre shop, Michelin PS3 tyre is a very popular higher performance tyre selection. Generally, Michelin PS3 tyre category has several tyre which is suitable to pair with Toyota Vios stock rim. Thus, Michelin PS3 tyre is an ideal selection of the Vios owner who prefer to use high performance tyre.

As a reference info, Michelin PS3 tyre can enhance the Toyota Vios handling performance and response. This is because the grip of PS3 tyre is relatively higher no matter on wet and dry road surface. This is because Michelin PS3 tyre has unique material and rubber compound. Furthermore, the tread of PS3 tyre can effectively evacuate the water on wet surface. As a result, Toyota Vios which has PS3 tyre will has better grip on wet and dry road surface.

As a reference, Michelin PS3 tyre price is higher when compare to the other Toyota Vios tyre selections. However, Vios owner will still consider PS3 tyre as their favorite selection because of PS3 tyre promising quality and performance.

Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2 Tyre

Vios owners are preferring to use Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2 ( ATM2 ) tyre because of its quality and price. Generally, Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2 tyre price is relative lower when comparing to the other Toyota Vios tyre options. This is because Goodyear is a car tyre manufacturer which has the technology to balance in between cost and quality. Hence, Goodyear ATM2 tyre is having useful feature and durability. Meanwhile, Goodyear ATM2 tyre is a good tyre which will reduce the tyre changing cost.

Goodyear Assurance Triple 2 tyre has hydroted tread which can effectively increase the tyre grip on wet surface. This is because the hygroted tread will play the role to evacuate the water on wet surface and prevent sliding issue. Additionally, Goodyear ATM2 is a tyre for comfort enhancement. Hence, Toyota Vios riding experience will improve after having the Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2 tyre.

Vios And Continental CC6 Tyre                       

Generally, most of the Toyota Vios owners are happy to have Continental CC6 tyre. This is because Continental CC6 tyre is a car tyre which is made for comfort ride enhancement. Literally, Continental has added the features and design for CC6 tyre to improve the car ride comfort. Firstly, Continental CC6 tyre has a popular groove which will play the role as a noise wavelength breaker. In other words, CC6 tyre has the groove which will reduce noise generation. Additionally, Continental CC6 tyre has the tread, compound and groove to prevent the noise from transferring into the car. As a result, the passenger in Toyota Vios will has quieter cruising experience.

Furthermore, Continental CC6 tyre is a durable tyre. Besides, the grip performance of CC6 tyre on wet and dry road surface is very promising. Thus, the driving pleasure of Toyota Vios after having Continental CC6 is very good. Nevertheless, Continental CC6 tyre price is relatively affordable and reasonable when comparing to the other Toyota Vios tyre in the list. Obviously, Continental CC6 tyre is not the cheapest Toyota Vios tyre in the price list. However, the feature, quality and riding comfort which can be offered by CC6 tyre will make the price to become worthy.

The Symptom When Toyota Vios Need Tyre Change

If Toyota Vios need tyre change service, the tyre and car will have the problem and symptom such as:

  • Tyre is relatively thin
  • Tread depth is too thin to evacuate water
  • The tyre grip is reducing
  • Toyota Vios will slide easily on wet surface
  • Braking system need longer braking distance
  • Surface of the tyre are having bump or uneven damage mark

When the tyre and Vios are having the symptom as above, Vios owner wills start to plan for tyre change service. Literally, Toyota Vios owner will send their Vios to the car tyre shop for tyre condition check. If the condition is too bad, Vios owner will request for a professional car tyre change service. Commonly, Toyota Vios owner will select the tyre for their Vios by referring the tyre price, category and brand.

Alignment Service For Toyota Vios

Car wheel alignment service is an effective method to fix the following issue:

  • Steering bias to one side ( either right or left )
  • Tyre has uneven sliding or damage spot
  • Vios handling is having serious oversteer or understeer issue
  • Steering response is too light or heavy

As a reference info, wheel alignment is a process to adjust the wheel toe, chamber and caster angle. Generally, the mechanic will use a wheel alignment machine, computer and sensor to do the adjustment. Normally, some tyre change package which include 4 tyre set will offer free alignment solution. Hence, Toyota Vios can check for more info when getting the Toyota Vios tyre price list and service quotation.

Wheel Balancing Service When Changing Vios Tyre

When changing the Vios tyre, the mechanic will provide the wheel balancing service. Commonly, standard wheel balancing service is free or does not cause add-on charge. If referring the Toyota Vios tyre price list, tyre shop will offer balancing service if changing either 2 ( left and right ) or 4 unit tyre. This is because balancing service will help to reduce the wheel and steering vibration effect.

The wheel rotation will have centrifugal force. Hence, the force will become at the spot on the tyre or wheel where the part is heavier or lighter. As a result, the wheel will vibrate and cause the steering to shake. Thus, the mechanic will use a wheel balancing machine to measure the weight and rotation force. Then, the machine will let the mechanic know which side or spot need to add more weight.

Criteria And Info To Review When Selecting Car Tyre

In summary, Vios owners and tyre shop will select the tyre to pair with the rim by refering the following criteria.

  • Rim size
  • Toyota Vios tyre price list
  • Code
  • Car tyre specification and feature
  • Tyre manufacturer or brand

Actually, the car tyre shop will able to prepare the tyre selection list for Toyota Vios owner. After selecting the tyre and services, Vios owner can ask for a quotation. Literally, professional and honest car tyre shop will prepare a clear quotation to protect the interest of both party. Hence, Toyota Vios owner can do final decision after reviewing the services and costing.